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Head of Institute:
Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Überla

Selected References

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  • Storcksdieck genannt Bonsmann, M., Niezold, T., Hannaman, D., Überla, K., Tenbusch, M. (2016). The improved antibody response against HIV-1 after a vaccination based on intrastructural help is complemented by functional CD8(+) T cell responses. Vaccine, 34: 1744-51.
  • Kohlmann, R., Salmen, A., Chan, A., Knabbe, C., Diekmann, J., Brockmeyer, J., Skaletz-Rorowski, A., Michalik, C., Gold, R., Überla, K. (2015). Frequency of significant rises in VZV-specific IgG levels in natalizumab-treated MS patients suggests enhanced susceptibility to reactivation or reinfection. Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 21: 1823-32.
  • Niezold, T., Storcksdieck genannt Bonsmann, M., Maaske, A., Temchura, V., Heinecke, V., Hannaman, D., Buer, J., Ehrhardt, C., Hansen, W., Überla, K., Tenbusch, M. (2015). DNA vaccines encoding DEC205-targeted antigens: Immunity or Tolerance? Immunology, 145: 519-33.
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