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Research Groups

Research Projects at the Institute of Clinical and Molecular Virology

Research Group of B. Biesinger
Oncoproteins of Primate Rhadinoviruses

Research Group of W. Doerfler
Research on Epigenetics

Research Group of A. Ensser
Oncogenic Rhadinoviruses and Pathogen Discovery

Research Group of T. Gramberg
Innate and Intrinsic Immunity in Retroviral Infection

Research Group of A. Thoma-Kreß
Retroviral Pathogenesis: HTLV-1 and Adult T-Cell-Leukemia

Research Group of M. Mach
Protective Immune Response against Cytomegalovirus

Research Group of M. Marschall
Regulatory protein kinases of herpesvirus infections - replication, pathogenesis and antiviral therapy

Research Group of K. Nganou
Basic and translational research on vaccine-induced immunity

Research Group of F. Neipel
Humanes Herpesvirus 8 (Kaposi´s Sarcoma-associated Herpesvirus)

Research Group of U. Schubert
Function of HIV Proteins/Role of Cellular Factors in HIV Replication

Research Group of V. Temchura
Nanoparticle vaccines

Research Group of M. Tenbusch
Gene-based immunization strategies

Research Group of K. Überla
HIV Vaccine Research