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Area A: Antiviral small molecules

Projekt A1: CDK7 kinase pathways as a drug targeting strategy for broad antiherpesviral intervention
Markus Wild, PhD student

Projekt A2: Enhancing immunogenicity of Human T-cell leukaemia virus Type 1 (HTLV-1) by interfering with viral transcription
Stephan Kohrt, PhD student
Annika Schnell, MD student
Stefanie Heym, Associated PhD student

Projekt A3: Enhancing antiviral immunity by blocking SAMHD1 activity
Justine Lagisquet, PhD student
Kilian Zuber, MD student

Projekt A4: Antiretroviral therapy with amendment of HIV-1-specific T-cell response
Janina Auth, Associated MD student
Maximilian Große, PhD student
Christoph Weingärtner, Associated PhD student

Area B: Harnessing T-cell immunity

B1: Transcriptional targeting of dendritic cells as a new therapeutic vaccine against HIV-1
Alexandra Birzer, Associated PhD student (Alumna)
Astrid Strack, PhD student

B2: LCMV as model for immune intervention by antigen targeting in chronic viral infections
Giorgi Tchitashvili, PhD student
Johannes Zeyda, MD student

B3: Induction of Nef-resistant HIV-1-specific CTL responses as a new strategy for the development of HIV-1-specific therapeutic vaccines
Boutaina El Kenz, PhD student

B4: Preclinical evaluation of a combination of checkpoint blockade with dendritic cell vaccination against Merkel Cell Carcinoma and other virally induced cancers
Tatjana Sauerer, PhD student

B5: Induction of tissue-resident memory T cells by gene-based vaccines as first line of defence against pathogens entering the host via mucosal surfaces
Ana Isabel Vieira Antão, PhD student
Katharina Kocher, Associated PhD student

B6: An animal model of HLA-independent, chimeric antigen receptor-mediated adoptive immunotherapy against cytomegaloviruses
Christopher Bednar, PhD student

Area C: Antibody-based immunotherapy and prophylaxis

C1: Towards novel HIV immunotherapeutics: bispecific antibody paratope mimics
Lucas Weißenborn, PhD student

C2: Structure-based design and optimisation of ligands for novel antiviral strategies
Manuel Deubler, PhD student

C3: Protection from cytomegalovirus infection by antibodies
Larissa Bauer, PhD student
Simon Schäfer, Associated PhD student

C4: Recombinant MHV-68 as a model system for Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus vaccine development
Hannah Byren, PhD student

C5: Inducing long-lasting HIV Env-specific antibody responses by intrastructural help
Riccardo Di Vincenzo, PhD student
Jule Stobrawe, MD student

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