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Doctorates in medicine

GRK 2504 offers 4 positions for medical doctoral students with a research semester starting in October 2024. Currently, our projects A1, B3/C3, B6, C4 and C5 are offering medical doctoral thesis projects.

Interested candidates are welcome to contact the scientific coordinator Simone Reiprich (simone.reiprich(at) or the administrative coordinator Karin Ertl for general information (grk2504-info(at)

Applications are accepted until January 31, 2024. Please send a single PDF file (lastname_firstname.pdf) with the following sections to grk2504-info(at)

Eligible candidates will be invited to present themselves, their motivation for GRK 2504 and their motivation for the particular project(s) in a colloquium and in interviews.


Available projects:

  • A1: Addressing the broadness of antiherpesviral activity in drug synergism between direct-acting and host-directed kinase inhibitors
  • B3/C3: CMV-specific humoral immunity among HIV-infected pregnant women
  • B6: RNA mediated delivery of MCMV targeted CAR for the generation of MCMV specific effector T cells
  • C4: Analysis of the antibody response in patients recovered from Kaposi’s sarcoma and identification of neutralizing antibodies
  • C5: Analysis of spike-specific IgG subclass response in SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections for the identification of immunological factors contributing to an IgG4 antibody switch
  • C5: Comparison of the HIV-1-specific B cell receptor repertoire in humans and antibody-humanized mice after three immunizations with soluble trimers of the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein (Env)