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Doctorates in cooperation with the Ragon Institute

Once a year, students graduating from FAU with a Master’s degree in a life science programme (e.g. Molecular Medicine, Integrated Immunology, Zell- und Molekularbiologie, Integrated Life Sciences) are invited to apply for a doctoral training at the Ragon Institute to prepare for a “Dr. rer. nat.” degree by the Faculty of Sciences at FAU. PhD students at the Ragon Institute are funded from grants of the participating Ragon faculty members and are associated to GRK 2504. They are invited to the retreats, are supported by a thesis advisory committee from GRK 2504 and have access to the scientific community of the GRK.

Interested candidates are welcome to apply to the scientific coordinator Simone Reiprich (simone.reiprich(at) or to contact Karin Ertl for general information (grk2504-info(at) For detailed information see here.

Applications are accepted until June 20, 2022. Please send a single PDF file (lastname_firstname.pdf) with the following sections to grk2504-info(at)

Eligible candidates will be invited to present themselves, their motivation for GRK 2504 and their motivation for the particular project(s) in a colloquium and in interviews.